Fall in love

Fall in love

Q. What flowers and colours would you suggest for our autumn-themed wedding?

A. Andrea Hudson Thompson says: Gorgeous deep plums and reds with scented peach roses, such as the bellini rose, in a wild bouquet would look wonderful.

Alternatively, create flower bombs on the tables with burnt oranges and deep green foliage, surrounded by candles and tea lights.

Look at including some dried elements like wheat and berries in deep reds. Sunflowers are also very popular at this time. There are so many options available – the choices are endless!

Andrea Hudson Thompson, Hudson & Thompson


Snow is falling

Snow is falling

Q. How can we incorporate our winter wonderland theme into our wedding flowers?

A. Jemma Khan says: There are lots of ways to incorporate your theme into your wedding flowers. Go for seasonal options and choose blooms and foliage that are in keeping with the time of year.

Opt for a green and white colour palette with a touch of blue. Use twigs like curly willow, pine cones and berries for texture. Eucalyptus is in abundance, so you can use lots of different types along with beautiful anemones, ranunculus and hellebores. Incorporate thistles and viburnum berries to bring through those gorgeous blue tones. I also suggest using velvet for your bridal ribbons as it gives an added element of luxury.

Christmas trees work brilliantly at an entrance and help fill a space.

Thinking about wreaths? Have them hanging from the ceiling and add in candlelight and fairlylights to create a magical setting.

Jemma Khan, Forage Floristry


Flower power

Flower power

Q. There are so many florists out there. How can we choose the perfect supplier for us?

A. Bethany Byrne says: Finding the perfect florist can be as easy as walking into the first shop you see and hitting it off, or it may take a few consultations and appointments to find the right one for you. The first thing you should do is look at their previous work. Is it along the lines of what you're looking for, or could it be tweaked to suit your taste? During your appointment, make sure you let them know your style and inspiration, so they have something to work from. A good florist won't just say yes to everything you ask for but instead will give their opinions and ways in which you can get your desired look within your budget.

If you're struggling to make a decision, ask a few suppliers to send you some images of inspiration and see which comes back the closest to your vision. This should hopefully show you who understands your style and requests.

Bethany Byrne, Flowers by Jemma Holmes


A budding romance

A budding romance

Q. We're having a very relaxed wedding. How can I reflect our natural theme in our flowers?

A. Bethany Byrne says: When a client is going for a relaxed wedding we normally suggest sticking to the basics and adding on where necessary. Start with the bridal bouquet. You don't want to mix up relaxed and minimal/simple. A relaxed bouquet can be a mixture of colours and varieties that look handpicked giving off a natural homemade feel. Next, opt for something complementary for the bridesmaids in a smaller size and a simple cluster of flowers bound with some twine for the buttonholes.

Now you have your basics done it's your choice to extend and dress the venue or leave it showing its natural beauty. If you'd like to add a little something, items like loose-laid foliage on long tables, glass vases or jars showcasing some natural florals and foliage with tea lights work perfectly. Giving that effortless look to finish your relaxed wedding.

Bethany Byrne, Flowers by Bethany


Floral wonder

Floral wonder

Q. We love flowers and want to incorporate them into our cake design. What do you recommend we look for?

A. Paula Goulden says: A cake adorned with flowers, for me is a perfect combination. The first thing I recommend is to book a consultation with your designer. During my meetings, we discuss colour schemes, themes and ideas. I then create a bespoke design incorporating any specific arrangements we've discussed.

Once you've decided on the design, there are several options available ranging from fresh to hand-made sugar versions. Fresh flowers need to be sourced from a reputable supplier to ensure they have been treated correctly. From my point of view, each stem then has to be dripped in a safety seal, wrapped with floral tape and then attached to the cake usually at the last minute to ensure it stays as fresh as possible. One of the benefits of this option is the blooms will match the rest of your floral displays perfectly.

As a cake designer, I love nothing more than creating sugar flowers, from an elegant rose to a simple cherry blossom and pretty much everything in-between. They can be created in a variety of colours to suit your theme and can be preserved and kept as a keepsake from your special day.

One trend I'm seeing at the moment is dried flowers. If the boho lux vibe is your thing, then dried blooms are a must, again these come in a variety of hues from natural tones to vibrant bouquets.

The last option I suggest would be silk or artificial flowers, I work with a few suppliers who offer these, and they're so realistic you literally can't tell the difference.

Paula Goulden, Cakes by P