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Shine bright like a diamond

Shine bright like a diamond

Q. What jewellery trends are popular at the moment?

A. Andrew Mills says: At Devotion Jewellery, we have noticed that white jewellery is staying popular. We always recommend platinum for engagement and wedding rings, as it is naturally white, 95 per cent pure (the safest setting for diamonds) and will never need re-plating like white gold.

We have seen an increase in different shaped diamonds, such as teardrop and emerald cut, with a halo setting or diamond set shoulders to add some extra sparkle. Also becoming increasingly popular are lab-grown diamonds, offering all the qualities of a natural diamond at a more affordable price range, allowing for bigger and higher quality diamonds.

For everyday jewellery, silver is still on-trend, with layered necklaces and drop earrings being purchased.

Bolder statement rings and pendants are becoming popular again, in silver, or gold plated, set with semi-preciouscoloured stones, perfect for complementing a stylish outfit. The jewellery market for men is very much centred on rings, and we are seeing more of our clients choosing rings with subtle and classy patterns, predominantly in platinum and argentium.

We're also receiving a lot more enquiries for pre-owned luxury watch brands such as Rolex and Omega. For the stylish gents, there is definitely a return to wearing classy cufflinks, usually in silver, either engraved or set with semi-precious stones.

Andrew Mills, Devotion Jewellery


Jewel of the aisle

Jewel of the aisle

Q. How can I choose sustainable jewellery?

A. David King says: Shopping local will help cut down your carbon emissions, and using a bespoke goldsmith, who won't be buying ready-made jewellery that comes from abroad, is a great way of being more sustainable. We at Jewellery by Michael Kings encourage couples to bring in unused metal to be made into new jewellery, which cuts down on cost and emissions as well as adds a sentimental value to your piece.

David King, Jewellery by Michael King