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Mind-Blowing Magic

Mind-Blowing Magic

Q We will be having guests of all ages attend our wedding, and are thinking of hiring a magician to keep them entertained. What should we look for before booking a supplier?
A Andrew Cooper says: When considering hiring a magician for your wedding, here's what you should look for:

Experience: Check the magician's experience, especially in performing at weddings. Ask for references and reviews from previous wedding clients. For example, I have over 25 years of magic experience and will use my expertise to help make your big day perfect.

Style: Make sure the magician's style matches the atmosphere and theme of your wedding. Some specialise in comedy, while others focus on illusions or close-up magic. Here at ACMAGIC, I offer a blend of close-up magic and humour that's sure to leave your guests smiling.

Customisation: A good magician can customise their performance to fit your wedding's unique needs and preferences.

Professionalism: Ensure the magician is punctual, well-dressed, and conducts themselves professionally. They should be easy to communicate with and responsive to your questions.

Insurance: It's a good idea to check if the magician has liability insurance, especially if they'll be performing in a venue with expensive equipment or delicate decorations. Demo or live show: If possible, attend a live performance or request a video demo of their act to get a sense of their skills and how they engage with an audience.

Contracts and pricing: Review the contract carefully to understand the terms, pricing, and any additional costs. Make sure all details are clear and agreed upon.

Availability: Confirm the magician's availability on your wedding date and discuss the duration of their performance.

Backup plan: In case of unforeseen circumstances, ask if they have a backup plan or a replacement magician available.

Andrew Cooper, ACMAGIC

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