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Movie magic

Movie magic

Q. How can we add seasonal touches to our wedding video?

A. Damian Kelly says: A cosy winter theme is a wonderful way to share your love. The Christmas spirit magnifies what is already one of the happiest days of your life. Here are my top tips:

- Capture glimpses of your festive flowers and evergreen décor in the video.

- Include shots of you snuggling together seeking warmth and comfort. You could also add some custom jackets to help keep you warm.

- Take things indoors where you can capture precious moments in front of an open fire or Christmas tree.

- Search for mistletoe and steal a cheeky kiss beneath it.

- Dance in snowflakes or have an impromptu snowball fight if you're lucky to have a white Christmas.

Damian Kelly,Damian Kelly Media


Counting the pennies

Counting the pennies

Q. We're on a tight budget and want to book a videogpraher. Do you have any suggestions on how we can save money without compromising on quality?

A. Aidan Blunt says: There's no denying that wedding videographers are expensive. This is because the work you see being put into your big day is just the tip of the iceberg. Quite often this only makes up 10 per cent of the project with the other 90 being spent in the editing suite. There are, however, a few ways that you can reduce the cost without impacting on the quality of the film.
- Discuss with your chosen supplier your requirements and budget. It's always worth negotiating the price as there may be some wiggle room or a cheaper package available.
- Ask if there's a discount for low wedding season.
- DVD's and Blu-rays add to the cost. If you want to share the film with your friends and family, ask for the film to be uploaded to a website. You'll be able to view it on a password-protected platform in the highest quality and share the link at no additional cost. With smart TV's becoming commonplace in homes, people won't necessarily need a computer to view the site.
- An extra cameraman can add up to £300 to the cost. If you're satisfied with the content that you cinematographer can capture alone, then avoid this extra expense.
- Consider having key moments filmed from your arrival at the church through to your first dance. A shorter day will drop the price.
- To spread the cost some videographers may provide the original unedited footage on a hard drive, so it can be edited at a later day when you can afford it. If you are considering this, enquire with your chosen supplier even if it's not an advertised service.

Aidan Blunt


Rings, camera, action!

Rings, camera, action!

Q. Our big day is fast approaching, and we're thinking of booking a videographer, but we're not sure what to look for. Do you have any tips?

A. Aidan Blunt says: - Before you make contact, research and decide which style of film you like best. Documentary films are generally an hour long and shown in chronological order, while cinematic versions are shorter and tell the story in a more stylistic way.

- Videography uses expensive equipment, and editing can take between 60 and 100 hours, so bear this in mind when looking at prices. If a supplier seems cheap, then it's unlikely you'll be getting a polished final product.

- Most videographers offer a no obligation face-to-face meeting so they can explain what they offer and their style. I highly recommend you take them up on this, and if they don't offer it, ask for a consultation. Don't book without meeting them first!

- When searching online, look to see whether they have a physical address associated with their business. Also, check out their reviews and social media posts. This is a great way to get an insight into how enthusiastic they are about their work.

- If you've chosen your photographer, ask them for recommendations. Your videographer and photographer will work hand-in-hand on the day, so it's important that they get on.

Aidan Blunt

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