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Dressed to impress

Dressed to impress

Q. My mum and dad want to wear outfits that will tie in with our spring theme. What style and colours are popular right now?

A. Sue Watson says: Spring makes us think of beautiful gardens filled with a plethora of colours such as soft pastels and bold hues along with lush greenery.

Most dads will want to wear their new suit again. Navy or grey are a good canvas to start with that can be built on with any of your chosen colours – our Whalley Menswear store offers both colours in all sizes.

Remember your mum should feel fabulous, so we suggest she wears something she feels comfortable in. Neutrals, navy, bright pink, turquoise and ever-popular white and black polka dots are great options. This season has lots of prints, subtle navy with lilac, muted greens with magenta, warm ambers and bright and bold primary colours.

Sue Watson, Cosgroves