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The one for me

The one for me

Q. Our wedding planner has suggested we hire a celebrant for our big day, but we're not sure what the role of a celebrate is. Should we book one, and what are the benefits?

A. Sarah Nelson says: A celebrate is someone who conducts your ceremony like a registrar but writes the service, so it's unique to you as a couple. You still need to do the legal part of the ceremony with a registrar, however, this is done and dusted in a short appointment. Think of this as part of your admin, leaving you free to have a bespoke ceremony anywhere and anytime you choose.

You can have your ceremony done at dawn, dusk or midnight, inside, outside or even in your garden. A celebrant service will give you extra freedom as well as a ceremony that no one else has or will have. Most will even help you write your vows. These can be very serious with promises of loyalty and fidelity or light-hearted with promises of weekly breakfast in bed. As I like to say, why choose ordinary when you can have unique?

Sarah Nelson,Moments To