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Cake expectations

Cake expectations

Q. We're having a winter wedding and would love to incorporate the time of year into our cake. Do you have any flavour suggestions or decorations we could choose?

A. Whiteny Schofield says: For this time of year, consider seasonal flavours such as black forest, chocolate orange, mint chocolate and of course rich, brandy-soaked fruit cake.

Autumnal colours are phenomenal. There are so many rich shades in the leaves that are actually very similar to the hues found in sponges.

Naked cakes with a dusting of icing sugar, pine cones and berries is a simple yet elegant way of incorporating seasonal shades and textures.

Whiteny Schofield, The Blackrod Cake Company


Let the party begin

Let the party begin

Q. We're having a Christmas extravaganza wedding and want an impressive cake that will wow our guests. Do you have any ideas of how we can achieve this?

A. Suzanne Thorp says: For a glamorous option, you could opt for a spectacular all-white cake with oversized snowflakes and snowballs. A dusting of edible glitter will add some sparkle in the candlelight. A white bake will also provide a stunning backdrop for a more traditional Christmas theme and can be decorated with deep red sugar roses, green garlands of holly and ivy and red berries.

If cool chic is more your style, then a Nordic theme with stag heads, hand-painted reindeer, prints and a green, red, cream and grey colour scheme could be the way forward. In terms of décor, you can definitely get away with more at Christmas, so shaped and carved designs with a romantic, yuletide theme will only add to the fun.

Suzanne Thorp, The Frostery


Just one slice

Just one slice

Q. I want to incorporate our love of travelling into our wedding cake. Do you have any ideas of how we can do this?

A. Lindsey Lawson says: Think about what it is you love about travelling. It could be the long days lazing on a beach with the sun beating down, the places you have visited around the world or simply packing those suitcases ready for a new adventure. To celebrate and share your love of travel, you could opt for a trio of suitcases with references to your favourite places or decorate the tiers with a world map. Alternatively, opt for a watercolour design with bright and bold summer blooms or perhaps a beach theme evoking a sense of distant shores. If you have your heart set on a traditional bake, why not add a travelthemed topper such as a compass or small globe? Lastly, if you have a moodboard depicting your ideas and love of travel, share it with your cake decorator

Lindsey Lawson, Lindsey Alexandra Cake Design


The taste of summer

The taste of summer

Q. We're having a summer wedding and would love to incorporate the season into our cake. Do you have any ideas?

A. Suzanne Thorp says: It's impossible to think about summer without first looking at the natural world. That's where I would start to look for design ideas and inspiration.

- An informal arrangement of delicate sugar flowers in a soft palette of faded, muted colours would perfectly evoke the season of elegance and romance.

- When we think of this time of year, we immediately think of long, dreamy days, so imagine a cake with graceful lines and softness of tone. If you want to include a monogram, look at flowing and elegant script. You can't go wrong with any design that has a delicate, floaty look.

- Introduce pale, broken watercolours to give your bake an airy, impressionist style. Patterns are a popular trend at the moment. If this appeals, then go for something loose and unstructured.

- Give your guests the taste of summer by choosing light, fragrant flavours such as lemon, strawberry, champagne or rose and pistachio.

Suzanne Thorp, The Frostery

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