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Classic elegance

Classic elegance

Q. We're looking for elegant music for our ceremony. Do you have any ideas?

A. Sarah Davies says: I often get asked this question and I always ask have you thought about the harp? Playing relaxing music for your guests while they wait for the slightly late bride is a great idea, but save the more elegant song for the bride's entrance.

There's a superb range of classics that would work. For example, Pachelbel's Canon in D works wonderfully on the harp. It's dramatic and stylish while also setting a good pace for the bride to savour the moment as she walks down the aisle. You could add a more modern twist, with a pop arrangement on the harp – A Thousand Years is a favourite of mine.

The signing of the register is a good time to entertain your guests. You could opt for pop music, classical or even Celtic melodies to help emphasise the ambience of the moment.

An absolute must is the exiting of the newlyweds. Here is where dramatic harmonies work best, such as A Sky Full of Stars or All of Me.

Whatever you decide, you should discuss it with your musician beforehand. This way, you can choose what will enhance your day in the most elegant way.

Sarah Davies,Sarah Davies Harpist