FAQs and expert advice about music (ceremony)

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Time to celebrate

Time to celebrate

Q. We're struggling to find a musician that's appropriate for our ceremony. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Sarah Wragg-Davies says: I often get asked about music choices for the ceremony, and I always say that live music is the best. The harp, in particular, can really set the tone for the day in a way that recorded music can't. It creates a calm atmosphere whilst your guests are waiting, and a live performer is flexible, so they can respond to the situation and keep playing if the bride is a bit late.

With a harp, you're not limited to classical pieces, as pop songs work really well too. I always love learning a couple's special song for their ceremony, and seeing their guests' faces as they slowly realise that the tune being played is a familiar one, recreated on an instrument that they're not used to hearing it on.

Be sure to talk to your prospective musician in good time. Find out what their usual repertoire is, tell them any specific songs you want for the big moments, and make sure they understand the tone that you're going for.

Sarah Wragg-Davies, Sarah Davies Harpist