How to plan a boho-themed wedding

Couple at boho-themed wedding Credit: www.thewildloveclub.comMy wife-to-be and I are planning a boho-themed wedding and aren’t sure where to start. What do you suggest?

"Start with your colour scheme or theme first as this is the overarching element for the whole wedding. After you have decided on the colours, atmosphere and décor, the rest will fall into place. Your choice of ambience and atmosphere will help guide your choices for table and chair options, how relaxed you want your reception to be, and the venue where you want to celebrate.

"Answering the below questions might make it easier for you to define your style:

"What do you lean towards? Vintage, romantic, natural or colourful?

"Where do you vision your nuptials taking place? On the beach, in a garden, barn, tipi, manor, church or a cottage? 

"What season do you want to get married in? This will guide your choice of an indoor or outdoor venue and help you choose your colour palette.

"What would be your choice of food? Do you want a formal wedding breakfast, a buffet-style, a food truck or a specific cuisine?

"What décor do you envision? Is it something you want to DIY yourself, or are there certain elements you want to include, such as rugs, carpets, lanterns, macrame, wicker, feathers, dream catchers, greenery or flowers?

"Planning a wedding is exciting with endless opportunities, so don’t think you have to make up your mind and book all your vendors as soon as you’ve picked a wedding date! We suggest booking your wedding stylist, venue and photographer first. Once you have secured your stylist, it’s a great idea to work together in choosing your other suppliers. By having your stylist with you when choosing your florals, invitations and table décor, you can pick the perfect items to create a matching and cohesive aesthetic throughout the whole day."

Zayna Ben

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