How to personalise your ceremony

Couple getting married Credit: can we make our ceremony personal to us?

"As a modern celebrant, I always spend time getting to know my couples to create something unique and joyful. The only limitation is your imagination, from fun, traditional, modern to religious, symbolic and quirky, the options are endless.

"Don’t just think about the ceremony content, keep in mind where it is taking place and if it is somewhere special to you both.

"Think about the seating layout of your ceremony and talk to your venue about different options - could everyone sit in a circle, so no one has a bad view? When it comes to walking in, mix it up a bit. Walk in alone, with your best friend, together or with your dog.

"You can involve your guests in symbolic ways with things like unity candles, sand ceremonies, tree planting, ring warming, handfasting or simply by mentioning special people.

"My favourite part of any ceremony is the bit where I tell all your guests your story, what brought you together and what’s kept you together. A celebrant will help you to create personal vows, as well as suggest appropriate elements that you could include.

"It doesn’t have to all be serious. Music that makes your guests smile or laugh or sing along always goes down well. Enter to the theme tune to Jurassic Park, if that’s your thing, or get everyone to sing Wonderwall as you leave."

Vikki Harris

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