How to get a picture perfect smile

Bride-to-be smiling We’re getting married in July, and I’d love my smile to look great without undergoing any invasive treatments. Do you have any suggestions?

"Having confidence in your smile is important for your wedding day and beyond. Ensure that you do your research to find a reputable dental practice that will care for you and provide a high standard of work. Quality dental practices will have patient testimonials available for you to read, written by patients who have undergone similar treatments so you know what to expect before you attend.

"Ask if the dental practice has treatment coordinators who you can book an appointment with before seeing a dentist. Treatment coordinators are often highly skilled nurses with extensive knowledge of treatments available to help you achieve the smile you wish for. Ask if the dental practice has an Intra Oral Scanner which can be used to create a non- invasive 3D image of your teeth enabling excellent communication of what is possible to achieve for you with different dental treatments.

"A good starting point to help give you confidence in your smile for your wedding day can be to have a hygiene treatment to improve the freshness of your breath and polish your teeth. Ask if the dental practice uses Airflow for your hygiene treatment. Airflow treatments have been described as a spa day for your teeth.

"You can be made a customised home whitening kit to whiten your teeth within seven-10 days to give you a confident, bright smile that can last up to three years. You can then use top-up tubes of whitening gel, which used once or twice per year will keep your smile looking bright and healthy for years to come."

Neil Cooper | Dental surgeon
BDS MFGDP DipImpDent RCS (Eng) Adv Cert FFGDP

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