What to expect from your hair trial

Up do What should I expect from my hair trial, and is it worth having?

"I often find myself telling my future brides-to-be that it’s always beneficial to have a hair trial. You should book your trial a couple of months before your wedding, and it should be a relaxing experience where you’ll have the time to discuss all the aspects of your wedding but most importantly how you want to feel and look on your special day. It’s a good idea to have a moodboard containing all the different styles that you like. This will allow you to share your ideas at your trial as trying to describe a hairstyle you have seen can be difficult for the stylist to recreate.

"Have a picture of your wedding dress with you, as the style of your gown can influence the best way to style your hair. Be sure to take along your veil or any hair accessories that you’re thinking of wearing and hair extensions if you would like to use them on your day. The more prepared you are for your trial, the more successful it will be.

"You should expect to try at least two hairstyles that are completely different from each other, as this will help make the decision on what style to go with a lot easier. Be sure to say what you like or don’t enjoy about each or if you would like to change certain areas. Not only is a trial good for trying different looks, but it also allows you to build up a good rapport with your chosen supplier and will ensure you both know how you would like the finished style to look on your special day."

Katrina Deegan | Hair stylist

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