We spoke to the team at The Manchester Platter Co to find out more about their business

Platter We spoke to Coco Duffield from The Manchester Platter Co to find out more about their business.

What packages/services do you offer couples? 
We offer a range of delicious grazing platters curated specifically for clients events with bespoke details. Our platters have no maximum length and can be meters long to create a stunning feast for the eyes! Our smallest platter feeds eight and we have no maximum limit. We offer savoury platters (meats, cheeses, olives), dessert platters and breakfast platters. We are also able to create bespoke platters such as Mediterranean-themed platters, halal platters and much more. 

What should couples expect when booking your services?
As caterers, we understand that first impressions are so important when organizing an event or party. Our magnificent table platters are not only a mouthwatering feast but also a visual delight and one that guests certainly won't forget. We aim to completely take the stress out of hosting and make clients life easier by bringing people together to create memories that last longer than our platters take to devour. 

What's your favourite wedding you've worked on and why?
I don't have a favourite wedding as they have all been so unique! I do love setting up in the tipis as I get to work with so many wonderful suppliers. You get to really see the couples personalities come through based on what suppliers they have booked. We love the boho vibe and our platters work so well into that theme. 

How long before the wedding should couples get in touch?
After December we get a rush of enquiries for weddings the following year (must be the proposal month), so we strongly recommend getting your bookings in six-12 months in advance for big weddings. Summer is also a busy period for us with garden parties, kids parties, intimate gatherings etc, so for smaller events, we recommend getting in touch three-six months before the event.

Food What's your favourite part of the job?
I love so many of the clients I get to meet, some who have even become friends because of repeat bookings! I love meeting suppliers at venues and exchanging contact details because when two or more suppliers work together - magic happens! 

Do you have any top tips for couples looking for a caterer?
Enquire early. Check whether your venue allows outside caterers. Don't be put off by asking your caterer to work with dietary requirements - we love a challenge and only want you to be happy! 

If you want to host an event that guests won't stop talking about, then we are the caterers for you! 

To find out more, visit www.themanchesterplattercompany.com

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