Steven Stone jewellers reveals how to choose a Bridgerton-esque engagement ring

Couple Bridgerton is back, and if you’ve fallen in love with the regency era, experts at Steven Stone Jewellers have revealed the key to choosing a Bridgerton-esque engagement ring.
The 5 key features of a Bridgerton-inspired engagement ring are yellow gold band and setting, coloured gemstones and pearls, rather than diamonds, a floral design, intricate detail and marquise or pear shaped stones.
Leading diamond expert, Maxwell Stone, said: “The regency period focused highly on natural beauty. The jewellery was typically dainty and delicate, while hair and makeup was minimal. Engagement rings were not essential, although wealthy men often gave their partners a ring as a symbol of their love. However, they weren’t like the engagement rings we see today, where the focus is usually on the diamonds. Instead, they featured smaller stones, typically on a yellow gold band, with coloured gemstones, pearls, or a pretty floral design. During the early 1800’s men didn’t usually wear a wedding ring, however women did. In Bridgerton season one, Daphne receives a beautiful ring from the Duke. Despite their wealth, the ring is understated, delicate and detailed, which is quite fitting for the Regency era in which the series is set. It features four small pearls of equal size, arranged in a cross formation on a dainty yellow gold band. These are flanked by two larger and four smaller stones are either rubies or garnets. A small diamond can be spotted in the centre, giving the ring a subtle, yet pretty floral design.”

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