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What to expect from your make-up trial

Bride Is it worth having a make-up trial and what should I expect?

"A make-up trial is a great opportunity to get to know your supplier. To deliver the best results, your MUA has to understand your likes, dislikes and be able to discuss your ideas. Your bridal make-up is a key part of your day, so it’s crucial you don’t skip this part of the process.

"At the trial, I personally go through your eye colour, skin colour, texture and facial features, as well as your dress, flowers and overall theme of the wedding. The make-up has to enhance your personality and not take over the rest. It’s very important to work together to make you look and feel your very best and exude confidence. The trial also allows you to test products to ensure you have no skin reactions or sensitivities to them.

"Trials are the perfect time to make changes as you may have an idea in your head or a magazine image but then not like it on your skin.

"Wear a light coloured top and take along your wedding accessories too. Allow an hour and a half or two hours for the trial."

Keseme Goodwin 
Make-up artist 

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