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The benefits of hiring a DJ and what to ask before booking

Bride DJ Director of DFC Lancashire Robin Kershaw tells us the benefits of hiring a DJ and what to ask before booking.

"The main benefit of booking a DJ is the fact that you have someone there to play the songs you like. They also have a huge catalogue of music and can provide a sound system and lighting to help create a party vibe.

"Before booking, ask yourself will you dance all night? If so, choose specific songs and a DJ you really want. If not, opt for a DJ that will please the biggest percentage of your guests. At the end of the day, if your friends and family are having fun, it will keep you smiling and happy. If your loved ones aren’t enjoying the tunes, then there will be an empty dancefloor and no atmosphere.

"Take your time choosing a DJ. They will be with you for five to seven hours which may not sound like a lot, but if it’s seven hours of music you don’t like, then it could ruin your day. You may want to give your DJ a setlist or at the very least give them your first dance song plus a few favourites, and don’t forget to tell them the songs you don’t like.

"Make sure you know what you’re getting. Do your social media research, check their reviews, and, if possible, seek testimonials from your venue and friends that may have used them.

"Most wedding DJs will be getting booked up six to 24 months in advance. If you want the perfect supplier, get organised fast. Wedding entertainment is now in the top 10 things that couples book first.

"Will the setup match your décor? If you’re spent thousands on making sure your venue looks just how you imagined, don’t scrimp on a cheap DJ with poor-looking equipment, which will ruin the aesthetics of your wedding."

To find out more about DFC Lancashire, visit www.thedfcexperience.co.uk

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