Stacey Hartley reveals how you can create an alternative wedding with traditional elements

Stacey Pepworth reveals how you can have an alternative wedding with traditional elements: Image 1 Credit: www.taylarjaydephotography.comWe spoke to Stacey Hartley from To Be Revealed and asked for her tips on creating an alternative wedding with traditional elements.

Non-traditional weddings are becoming much more popular and that's only going to continue to grow. Having an alternative wedding can be really liberating and although you might have a few people who don’t agree with all your choices - if you want to have an alternative wedding then it really starts with you - and who you are as a couple! .  

Where to begin
Make a list of all the things you think are ‘traditional’ for a wedding - such as speeches, confetti throw, sit down wedding breakfast, cutting of cake etc… then tick the ones that appeal to you. You might really want to do the confetti throw (because it makes for an amazing photo) and the cake cutting but you aren’t so keen on speeches and would love a more relaxed informal meal. This is a great start! Not every wedding HAS to have all of these traditions but if you do want some there are some great ways to create a balance that is right for you and your day…

Factors to consider
There are lots of factors you can consider when thinking about creating a more alternative wedding but thinking out of the box is KEY to creating the perfect balance of modern meets traditional. Here are a few things to consider: 

DECORATION - This is one of the easiest ways to create an alternative edge. You might fancy a theme running through the day so consider having that run through your tablescapes. Creating bold statements is a perfect way to make things seem unique. You might want to replace traditional white tablecloths with a bright bold colour or even black. The list is endless when it comes to decorations. To create a balance you could have black tablecloths for a moody vibe but give it a traditional element with tapered white candles in gold holders.

Stacey Pepworth reveals how you can have an alternative wedding with traditional elements: Image 2 Credit: - Wedding entertainment honestly has no boundaries. Consider what you love and what makes you entertained. If a four piece string quartet isn’t your normal type of entertainment, then don’t book one. If you’d love a photo booth but want something unique, then hire a campervan booth filled with props and costumes instead. You could have magicians or fire breathers - The key is to think about what makes you excited. You want to remember your entertainment. 

FOOD - This can often be a harder one where guests are considered BUT you can work around it. Your older guests might want a sit down meal, and part of you loves that but it takes time away from a social aspect. If you want an alternative balance, then why not consider having a sat down formal first course and then have some street food or a dessert bar? It’s the perfect way to have the traditional sit down but with a surprise aspect! 

PHOTOGRAPHY - If you want photos that aren’t all posed family portraits, then consider a photography whose style is more documentary. A great documentary photographer will always ask about who you are and what you want from your photos. It’s also a great way to make people feel more relaxed and comfortable as they will blend right in with your guests. It doesn’t mean you can’t still have those family pictures - just let your photographer know how many of those pictures you want and don’t want. 

VENUE - The best venues for an alternative wedding are blank canvas venues. Venues that don’t come with any already set decor and have barely any rules on what you can have. You can create your style from scratch and it will fit perfectly! There is nothing stopping you from finding a balance by having a more traditional venue - it doesn’t mean you can’t pop your modern twist on it - You can always use features of a venue to create something unique.

Stacey Pepworth reveals how you can have an alternative wedding with traditional elements: Image 3 Credit: - White will always be a traditional wedding colour but if you’re not a fan of the white wedding vibe then think about ways to use colour that create a more alternative feel. Colour alone can make such a unique impact! If you opt for a fully traditional ceremony or reception, then even the use of a bold colour makes an alternative statement.

OUTFITS - This is the big one! There are no rules that say you have to wear a white wedding dress. No rules that say a traditional dress has to be white? Times have changed and designers offer so many more options now. If you want to create an alternative statement, then what you wear can be just that one thing. There are bridal two pieces, jumpsuits, full suits and a range of patterns and colours. For grooms there are colour options, styles of suits etc...or you could opt for casual and no suit at all? You could add a painted leather jacket to your look or have some really cool shoes or boots. You might even have a traditional dress yourself but opt for the bridesmaids to come in their own choice but in a certain colour. 

These are just a few ways of creating some alternative options for your wedding - and how to still be alternative but keep those traditions that mean something to you. Alternative weddings come in many forms and at the end of the day your wedding is YOURS and no two people are the same. So if your wedding is perfectly you, then it is already a little unique in itself. 

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