Photographer, Christina Davies gives her top tips on re-booking a photographer due to COVID-19

Photographer, Christina Davies gives her top tips for re-booking a photographer due to COVID-19: Image 1 Credit: - Our wedding has been postponed due to COVID-19, and we’re having to re-book our photographer. What do you suggest we ask before booking?

"In the sad event that your existing photographer cannot cover your new date and you need to look for a new supplier, ask what’s their style of photography? It’s important to do your research to see if their style matches your personality.

"Secondly, find out what their cancellation policy for COVID-19 is. We’re in an unknown and extreme situation, and if it were to happen again, it’s worth knowing what their stance is. Remember it may differ from the terms and conditions in their contract for rescheduled events and cancellations.

"Lastly, meet with them for a brew. It will help you feel comfortable around them, which is important as you’ll be spending a lot of time with them on your wedding day."

Christina Davies

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