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Local make-up artist, Daniella Ingle reveals her top tips for creating an autumn-inspired look

Local make-up artist, Daniella Ingle reveals her top tips for creating an autumn-inspired look: Image 1 Embrace the colour

Burnt orange, earthy browns, rusts and deep reds are all around us, in nature, in fashion and in make-up. Try to incorporate these colours into your make-up looks, they make the perfect warm smokey eye and if you have green or blue eyes, this is definitely the palette for you! If you have brown or hazel eyes, try deep khaki and emerald green colours.

I love using a copper eyeliner in the waterline, it gives such a pop to a blue eye and adds a different dimension. It's great if you want to introduce more colour to your face without it looking overwhelming. Don't be afraid of brown mascara, it can be so flattering especially on fairer skin tones.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

The summer is written all over our faces, literally. This is the time when we need to really step up our skincare. 

Exfoliating once a week will allow your cells to renew and keep your skin looking fresh. Find a product that's suitable for your skin type, whether it's a glycolic acid or a physical exfoliator, do your research and shop around. Booking yourself in for a facial is a fantastic way of boosting your skin after summer, its also a great opportunity to seek advice and learn what your skins needs. Get rid of the damage left behind by the sun but always remember to use SPF, no matter what the weather.

Change your primer

During the warmer months, we opt for primers that keep oil at bay, keep us matte or stay all day. Now the colder weather is upon us we need to change for a primer that's super hydrating. Dehydrated or dry skin will not glow, no matter how good your foundation is. The base is essential and will prevent your skin from drying out throughout the day.

Local make-up artist, Daniella Ingle reveals her top tips for creating an autumn-inspired look: Image 3 Avoid powder foundation

Powder foundation can be very drying on the skin. Fantastic for the hot summer months when we feel sticky but during Autumn we need to put as much water into our skin as possible. Try a BB Cream or a light coverage liquid foundation and with the perfect primer, it will last! If you can't live without powder, then try to apply it only where you need it; top lip, around the nose, centre of the chin and middle of the forehead. Less really is more. 

Don't be afraid of a bold lip

With the colour palette being made up of deep reds, now is the time to embrace a smouldering lip. I absolutely love plum and deep red lip colours, they are so flattering. When choosing the one for you, think about your colouring. Do you suit an orange undertone or a blue undertone? I have pinky fair skin so I have to wear blue undertones, if you are blessed with tanned or olive skin then an orange tone is for you. This little tip will help you find the perfect lip colour. Opt for a lighter eye using golden shades, lashings of mascara and a perfect base for a dream autumnal face.

Change your moisturiser

The biggest change in cooler months is central heating! It's the worst thing for drying out our skin! However, we certainly aren't going to freeze to death with a hope of plump, fresh glowing skin now are we. So lets, help ourselves. During the summer months, we choose light, easily absorbed moisturisers. Now is the time to up the anti-rich creams, hyaluronic acid-base, nourishing creams and serums are the way forward from this moment! Layer them up and reap the rewards.

Local make-up artist, Daniella Ingle reveals her top tips for creating an autumn-inspired look: Image 3 Lip Balm

I personally get coldsores inside my nose! Yes inside! Horrifically painful however way easier to deal with than a full-frontal breakout. Coldsores and chapped lips seem to be on speed during these autumnal months. A change in the weather and they don't know what's happening! Invest in a good lip balm, use it every night and introduce it into your skincare routine. Blistex Intensive Relief was recommended by a friend to me and now I never leave the house without it! Keep the dryness at bay and be sure to have one in your handbag at all times. 

One of my favourite lip balms is actually the Nars Afterglow Lip Balm, it comes in a range of colour tones and has the loveliest finish and colour to it. Super hydrating and a great alternative to lipstick, which never looks good on chapped lips. 

Drink water

We never seem to associate cooler months with cold water, we opt for creamy coffee, steamy hot chocolate and hot brewed tea, anything that warms our cockles. None of these, however, help us to stay hydrated, that's the bit you need to know! Dehydration is the worst thing for skin, hair, nails, health, everything! Make sure you continue to drink as much water as you can, your body will thank you for it. 

Use false tan

There is nothing more depressing than a faded summer tan! FACT.

Don't be tempted by sunbeds, we are smart enough to know the damage far outweighs the result. Instead, find an instant alternative. If pale natural skin is not for you, then invest in a good false tan. Whether its a spray tan, instant colour or a gradual developer, there are so many options on the high street. My personal favourite is the CB 1 hour Tanning Mousse, its so easy to apply and doesn't smell like biscuits – win win! It also lasts ages, great for mums like me who need ease above everything else.

To find out more about Daniella, visit www.daniellamakeuphair.com

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