The unbreakable vow

Cassie and Lewis celebrated a very magical big day with a Harry Potter theme

Cassie and I met through our best man Stephen; I saw a picture of Cassie dressed as a giant Rubik's Cube on his Facebook and I thought she was gorgeous – she was clearly fun and outgoing too,” says Lewis.

“A couple of months after that we ended up at party together and hit it off right away and spent most of the night talking and laughing,” adds Cassie. “After a spot of Facebook flirting we finally went out on a date. I knew he was the one for me when he turned up on our second date with a Harry Potter Lego man!”

Fast forward two years and Lewis surprised Cassie with a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida, as Cassie is a huge fan. On the first morning the couple headed straight to Diagon Alley. “When we got there I asked a stranger if she would take a picture of us and discreetly told her that I was going to propose,” says Lewis.

“I was trying to turn Cassie round so that she was facing me but she was still trying to pose. I eventually had to yank her round and got down on one knee, the look on her face was priceless.” “I was so shocked, he was down on one knee with a gorgeous black diamond ring, I didn't even answer him at first – he had to ask me again. By the time I'd said 'yes' a crowd had gathered and were cheering and clapping. It was perfect and I can't think of anywhere better that he could have done it,” adds Cassie.

Here, the bride tells us about their big day...

The unbreakable vow: Image 1
When I tried on Louisa by Essence of Australia I knew it was the one. It was different to what I thought I'd go for but the colour attracted me to it – in some lights it was a dusky pink hue.


The unbreakable vow: Image 2aThe Town Hall was perfect for our ceremony; it looks just like a castle inside and in the courtyard which is the reason we chose it. We wanted an old, dark feel to our pictures and the setting suited that perfectly, the architecture is amazing.

The unbreakable vow: Image 2 My handmade bouquet was created using the pages of various Harry Potter books, which tied in with our theme nicely.


The unbreakable vow: Image 3
My five bridesmaids wore floor-length, V-neck, dark purple dresses. I knew exactly what I wanted but they did take a while to find because at the time there were mainly summer colours in the shops.


The unbreakable vow: Image 4aI had my shoes hand-painted to fit with the theme; one was red with the house name Gryffindor down the side and the other was green with Slytherin on it.

The unbreakable vow: Image 4 Our table plan's background was created from Harry Potter book pages. The top table was named Hog warts and guests were sat at tables named after one of the books or a house. Each was decorated to reflect this. We used Hogwarts Express tickets as place names.


The unbreakable vow: Image 5aEach table had a stack of old looking books as the centrepiece, which were aged using tea bags and coffee. We had more than 100 potions using glass jars and bottles which were filled with various bubble baths and washing up liquid to look like potions. In addition to this hand-cut heart-shaped confetti was scattered on the tables from the pages of the Harry Potter books.

The unbreakable vow: Image 5 “My something borrowed was a friend's veil, while my something blue was a garter with the Hogwarts emblem on. My something old was a locket which belonged to my Nana, it contained pictures of her, my Grandad and Great Grandma – I also added one of my late Dad and Sister as it was important for me to have something that reminded me of them on the day.” – Cassie


The unbreakable vow: Image 6
We handmade wands for our guests – each was hand-painted and no two were the same. We also gave them each a Golden Snitch (Ferrero Rocher) and stuck wings on each one.


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