Laid back and lovely

Louise and Gary's colourful wedding was a fun and relaxed day for everyone

Louise and Gary met in a flatshare eight years ago. “It was a big, old house in Didsbury, and my friend Emma lived in the flat below and said there was a room free upstairs,” remembers Louise. “The place was like a squat but I decided to move in anyway. The two lads I lived with were cool and it didn't take me long to fall for one of them – Gary.”

They didn't go on a first date, instead getting to know each other while living together. “He did invite me to his room once to watch a film, and I remember feeling really nervous about walking down the hall and knocking on his door,” Louise admits. “I finally plucked up the courage and had a lovely cosy night.” True to the couple's relaxed form, there was no big proposal. “Gary's so laid-back, I'd have been waiting a lifetime,” says Louise. “I kind of told him we were getting married and he responded 'ok, get it booked'.”

Around seven months later, they tied the knot. Here, Louise shares their day with Your Manchester Wedding…

Laid back and lovely: Image 1
Our friends told us about the Pointing Dog. It had a fab feel, really chilled out with an amazing interior and a great space. They were so friendly and couldn't do enough for us.


Laid back and lovely: Image 2aWe had the ceremony in a beautiful room in Manchester Town Hall. It's a gorgeous building and we love Manchester so it just felt right.

Laid back and lovely: Image 2 I only tried on a few dresses as I knew what I wanted. I got it from Maria Modes in Macclesfield. The shop has a great selection and the staff were really helpful.


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Our nieces Harriet and Daisy were flowergirls, and Gary's nephew Eddie was pageboy. They were the only children attending the wedding so it was good to get them involved.


Laid back and lovely: Image 4aUnfortunately my parents transported the cake in in the boot of their car and it got trashed! It was a naked Victoria sponge but by the time I got to see it, it was covered in icing as the chefs at the Pointing Dog had rescued it. It still tasted delicious.

Laid back and lovely: Image 4 We put little vintage vases on logs on the tables and added flowers to them. Paul, my now brother-in-law, cut them down to size for us.


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Gary wore a Ted Baker three-piece suit, with a white shirt. He hates ties so he didn't wear one.


Laid back and lovely: Image 6aWe had a singer, Michael Mulholland, during the day while we had canapés and drinks. He was great – my grandad had an accident on the day at the Town Hall and got rushed to hospital, but when we got to the Pointing Dog Michael started playing and I instantly felt better.

Laid back and lovely: Image 6 We had a DJ in the evening and put paper and pencils on the table for requests, so all our guests had a song or two played.


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I got a white cab to the ceremony with my dad then the same car to the reception with Gary. It was lovely to just chill together as that was the only time we got to chat all day. We had a bottle of cava, which helped settle the nerves after saying our vows.


Laid back and lovely: Image 8aI'm a hair and make-up artist so I did my own – it helped me relax in the morning.

Laid back and lovely: Image 8 My bouquet featured anything that was bright – I showed the florist my Pinterest board and she nailed it.


Laid back and lovely: Image 9
I didn't want traditional bridesmaid gowns, so they all wore floral dresses in different colours. They carried bright blooms in a slightly smaller arrangement than mine. It looked like flowers had exploded everywhere, but I loved it.


Laid back and lovely: Image 10aI felt our wedding stood out as it was in our local restaurant and really cool and not stuffy. We had beer in buckets at the bar so people could help themselves; it was really laid back.

Laid back and lovely: Image 10 For our honeymoon I organised a California road trip to San Francisco, Carmel, Las Vegas, Death Valley and Mammoth Lake. We had an amazing time, saw so much and will never forget it.


Laid back and lovely: Image 11
I'd worked with our photographer Jules on a wedding I did in 2013, and I really liked her style. She was also a really nice person – I've met quite a few bossy ones!


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Bride's accessories
Glitzy Secrets

Bride's dress
Maria Modes Bridal Wear

Bridesmaids' dresses

Bridesmaids' dresses

Bridesmaids' dresses
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Ceremony venue
Manchester Town Hall

Nick Campbell

Zuzu's Petals
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Groom's suit
Ted Baker

Photo booth
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Reception venue
Pointing Dog, Cheadle

77 Diamonds

Michael Mulholland

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