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See how other local couples celebrated their big day with inspirational weddings and bridal stories from Real Weddings features in Your North West Wedding.

Real Weddings: Meant To Be

Meant To Be

Olivia and Luke met in 2018 at work. "I was Luke's boss," says Olivia. "He convinced me that he was a qualified personal trainer, so we started going to the gym together, became best friends, and ended up falling in love."


Real Weddings: Rustic Romance

Rustic Romance

Amy and Chris met at work and started talking after they were introduced by Amy's boss. "We became friends and the rest is history," says Amy. "We have three children between us and in 2020, they said: 'Will you marry our dad?' with my mum's engagement ring in hand. It was a complete shock and the most perfect proposal, as the kids were included. My mum sadly passed away in 2018 from cancer, so it means a lot to me that he used her ring."


Real Weddings: At One With Nature

At One With Nature

Rosie and Michael met, like most modern couples, online. "We were attracted to each other's sense of adventure and love of the outdoors," says Rosie. "Michael almost missed out though, as he cancelled our first date at short notice because he'd found a lost dog while out on the fells and, in the process of reuniting the dog with his owner, managed to get sunstroke. It was only because my mum persuaded me to give him another chance that I agreed to reschedule!"


Real Weddings: An All Time Love

An All Time Love

Melisa and Josh met in 2018 at Valley Church. "Josh had been going there for years, but I had just joined," says Melisa. "I saw him playing bass with the worship team and I was attracted to him right away. I loved how funny he is and that he lights up a room."


Real Weddings: Woodland Roamnce

Woodland Roamnce

Sam and Iain met through a mutual friend and instantly hit it off. "We really enjoyed each other's company and shared a similar sense of humour," says Sam. "It felt so easy and natural talking to one another."


Real Weddings: Fun In The Sun

Fun In The Sun

Izzy and Ryan were brought together through unusual circumstances. "The first time I met Ryan, we were introduced by my previous partner in a nightclub, as he was one of his friends," says Izzy. "I met him a couple of times after that, but we didn't really speak much. A few years later, we found out that our partners were seeing each other behind our backs! Ryan and I started to message each other about it and the more we chatted, the more we realised we had lots in common and very similar values. Once I got to know Ryan, I discovered we went to the same high school and knew a lot of the same people."


Real Weddings: When Love Just Clicks

When Love Just Clicks

Heather and Joe met while studying at university. "Although we were on different courses, we lived together in the same accommodation during our first year," says Heather. "We were friends for a year and got together the following summer. I always found Joe attractive, particularly because of his bright blue eyes. He was always the funny one in the group, and we would spend a lot of time together as friends."


Real Weddings: The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Evie and Alex met through mutual friends. "We went for a meal in Windermere for our first date," says Evie. "For our second date, we went on a boat trip across Lake Windermere to an aquarium. It snowed heavily the whole time we were there, and it was beautiful."


Real Weddings: Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

Danielle and Iffan met at work. "It was my first day in critical care; I asked him for a handover and he was rude to me," says Danielle. "He was so rude, I decided not to speak to him again, but we kept running into each other at work and eventually started talking. We met again at a work's do, sparks started to fly, and the rest is history!"


Real Weddings: In The Country

In The Country

Emma and Mark first met on a dating website. "We were attracted to each other's smiles and had a mutual love for food, travelling, and running," says Emma. "Mark proposed on Lytham St. Anne Beach in the middle of a rainstorm. It was a complete surprise. I was chasing around the dog we were looking after at the time, hopping over puddles on the beach in the downpour! To celebrate, we got a chippy tea."


Real Weddings: Life's Better With You By My Side

Life's Better With You By My Side

Leanne and Jonathan met through friends on a night out. "We didn't have mobile phones at the time, so we had to message each other through MSN at first," laughs Leanne. "After 14 years together, Jonathan proposed on holiday in San Diego on a gondola at sunset. It was a surprise, as after so many years together, I didn't think it was actually going to happen."


Real Weddings: Meant To Be

Meant To Be

Katie and Mark met in 2014 on Grand National Day. "I was working at Claire's Accessories, and Mark worked at the William Hill across the street," says Katie. "I went across to the bookies to put a horse bet on, and Mark started making small talk with me. A few minutes after I'd left and gone back to work, Mark came in looking for a gift for his mum's birthday. We were chatting for a while, and he eventually asked me out on a date. Mark said he thought I was beautiful the moment he saw me, and I thought he was really funny and cute."


Real Weddings: Childhood sweethearts

Childhood sweethearts

Jenna and Rob met 20 years ago when they were just 14. "We were at a social club and got chatting about a bracelet he had on that I really liked, "says Jenna. "He said I could borrow it, and I had it for two years until we met again at his cousin's 18th birthday party. As soon as I saw him, I knew straight away I wanted to be with him. I rung him several times that night asking to meet up again. Rob took me out on our first date, and almost 18 years and two children later, we're still together." Rob popped the question on Christmas Day. "He hung my engagement ring on the Christmas tree at home," shares the bride. "I took it off the tree, and our daughters asked: 'will you marry dad?', to which I, of course, said yes!"


Real Weddings: Love at first bite

Love at first bite

Jenni and Mike met in their local fast-food restaurant. "We exchanged numbers, and the rest is history," says Jenni. "It really was love at first sight, and that was 17 years ago! We were lying in bed when Mike asked me to be his wife. We're not traditional, so he didn't get down onone knee and we went shopping for the ring the day after."


Real Weddings: Carla and Paul: The one for me

Carla and Paul: The one for me

Carla and Paul met in 2016 at a Manchester City vs Aston Villa football game. "We vaguely knew of each other as we are from the same area but had never spoken," says Carla. "We started talking as the day went on and hit it off. The next day Paul asked me out on a date which we went on a couple of weeks later.

After that, we were inseparable and moved in together nine months later." Paul popped the question at the couple's wedding venue, Crow Wood Hotel & Spa Resort. "We were getting ready for dinner when all of a sudden Paul was down on one knee asking me to marry him," shares the bride. "It was a complete surprise! We had dinner and champagne and were on cloud nine."


Real Weddings: The one for me

The one for me

Karen and Danny met in the waiting room of a car garage. "Danny was waiting for a tyre to be changed, and I was there having a puncture repaired," says Karen. "Our eyes met across the room, and I gave Danny a cheeky grin, and it was fireworks from there. It was his unshaven, rugged look and the glint in his eyes that attracted me to him. For Danny, it was the cheeky but innocent look that I gave him."


Real Weddings: Snow stopper

Snow stopper

Wendy and Andy met at a Blondie tribute night. "I had a run of personal losses, including my best friend, partner and dad," says Wendy. "I had left nursing and wanted to focus on taking over my bridal shop when I went to the tribute night. Andy and I turned out to have mutual friends and hit it off immediately. He was so understanding and compassionate, and I have never felt more cherished. After only a matter of weeks, he never went home. When you know, you know!"


Real Weddings: A never-ending love

A never-ending love

Naomi and Darryl met in Guernsey in 2010. "We were working in a hospital, and our offices were a couple of doors apart," says Naomi. "When we married at Oakham School Chapel in 2011, we promised each other that we'd make our vows again when we reached our 10 year anniversary. Little did we know what those 10 years would throw at us: trauma, loss, a miracle baby, long-distance working, two degrees, eight house moves, moving to another country and the pandemic!"


Real Weddings: Sara and Luke drink it all in

Sara and Luke drink it all in

Sara and Luke met in 2012 on Twitter. "Following our online friendship, we started writing letters to each other, and one day, we decided to meet up," says Sara. "We didn't live near each other, so we never thought anything of our relationship other than a friendship. However, once we met, we were inseparable, and Luke asked me to be his girlfriend. From 2012 until 2018, we had a long-distance relationship whilst we completed our studies. We would travel by train to see each other, spending our weekends and school holidays together. Once we started our careers, we moved in with my parents while we saved for our house, which we bought in 2019. Over the years, we have grown together as a couple and become a team. A lot has changed in the past 10 years, but our friendship and love for each other has been consistent and grown stronger."

Luke proposed in April 2020. "It was a spontaneous moment," shares the bride. "He said that he had been thinking about it for a while, and one day he just went for it. He proposed during the first national lockdown at home. We were in bed, and he just randomly asked me. I was shocked, and it was a complete surprise! We had a Zoom party that evening with our family, and we shared the news with them and celebrated virtually. Because of COVID-19, we were reluctant to start wedding plans, however, in May 2021, we started the search and booked our wedding for later in the year."


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