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The latest hair and make-up trends

What are the latest hair and make-up trends?

"Two hair trends are popular at the moment: Hollywood waves and half up dos."

"The Hollywood wave is the perfect style for those who want gorgeous volume and sophistication. This look is now being incorporated into other designs, such as ponytails."

"The half up do is a classic and timeless style that gives you the best of both worlds, as you can wear your hair down and keep it away from your face. It's also incredibly versatile, as you can change so many elements to give the look a personal twist. It can be dressed up with intricate braids or worn in a more relaxed style with soft curls. It's been in demand with bridal parties because it's easy to adapt to different hair types."

Posted: 11 May 2022

Manchester is home to the region’s first all in one grooming service called King Street Grooming

Manchester is home to the region's first all in one grooming service encompassing traditional barbering and male-only face and body treatments. King Street Grooming is the brainchild of Manchester- founded Inc & Co and has set up shop on renowned King Street. The striking venue has a dark colour palette, with wall shelving and fluted glass screens. This, paired with modern material accents and lighting features, gives the space an edge and an unmistakably cool identity.

Posted: 10 March 2022

What to expect from your hair trial

I often find myself telling my future brides-to-be that it's always beneficial to have a hair trial. You should book your trial a couple of months before your wedding, and it should be a relaxing experience where you'll have the time to discuss all the aspects of your wedding but most importantly how you want to feel and look on your special day. It's a good idea to have a moodboard containing all the different styles that you like. This will allow you to share your ideas at your trial as trying to describe a hairstyle you have seen can be difficult for the stylist to recreate.

Posted: 23 February 2022

The top destination for both budget and luxury spa breaks across the UK

Here at County Wedding Magazines HQ we certainly love a spa day! Perfect for some true R&R on your own, with friends or loved ones, and spa break is a must during the wedding planning; perfect for a day with your best pals pre-wedding, or a post-wedding indulgent getaway as a newly married couple.

Mira Showers have looked at TripAdvisor to create the ultimate guide of spas across the UK so that you can find the perfect spa break in your area. Whether you want to keep the cost low or are after a touch of luxury, there is something to suit every budget.

Posted: 27 January 2022

Questions to ask your make-up artist before booking

Before booking, you should see examples of their past work to ensure that you like their particular style. Ask for links to their work, these are usually made available via Instagram, Facebook or their website. Check if they specialise in weddings. The term make-up artist is broad and covers a wide variety of sectors, therefore skill sets can vary significantly. If travelling to a salon is not part of your plan, then you need to ensure you select a supplier who can travel to you. This is usually more relaxing and eliminates the chance of your look getting spoiled outside in the elements.

Posted: 22 December 2021

Grüum has launched a new range of wash bags made from ocean-bound plastic

Grüum, a Manchester-based skincare and haircare brand, has launched a new range of wash bags made from ocean-bound plastic. Ideal for eco-conscious brides and grooms, the bag is available in three colours, is ethically sourced and is 100 per cent vegan. The new range comes as non-profit organisation Plastic Oceans estimates that 10 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year, the equivalent of a truck-load every minute. Andy Shaw, the co-founder, said: "Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. From our ever-expanding range of zero-plastic products to our packaging choices, it's really important to us. We only want to create products that serve a real purpose, with no gimmicks or labels.

Posted: 4 November 2021

Autumn hairstyle ideas

When choosing your hairstyle, you should consider the style of your dress, its neckline, your hair type, whether you're wearing it up or down, your face shape, wedding theme and accessories. Once all these factors have been discussed, you can begin choosing the perfect style for you. Autumn is my favourite wedding season. It's such a romantic and atmospheric time of year with the most beautiful colours. Here are some of the most popular styles: The messy up do. This is my all-time favourite and is such a versatile look. It can be done high up, low down with plaits or with twists. It's a perfect style for bad weather and looks chic at the same time. An autumnal headpiece such as a flower crown made with dry blooms, silk or fresh flowers in burnt oranges, golds and browns and can be worn with or without a veil.

Posted: 20 October 2021

How to keep your hair in good condition for your wedding day

Planning your wedding is an exciting yet stressful experience that can take its toll on your hair. Healthy locks begin on the inside, so take vitamin supplements at least three months before the big day to help your hair thrive. Don't overuse heat and use treatments to help maintain strength and moisture. Get your tresses cut one month before, giving it plenty of time to settle. Right before your wedding isn't the time to try a drastic new style. Plan any extreme makeovers a year before the big day, allowing your hair time to grow if you don't love it. Aim to have achieved your target shade at least eight weeks before with a touch up the week before to ensure the colour looks fresh.

Posted: 25 August 2021

How to get smooth skin in the run-up to your big day

I'm a firm believer that what you put into your body shows on the outside, so good skin comes from within! Here are some of my top tips for creating a flawless look: Eat well – lots of greens and raw vegetables. Regular exercise, the type that gets you really sweaty, it's great for your complexion, and your pores will love you for it. Drink plenty of water! Try to avoid or reduce alcohol at least a week before the wedding as it dehydrates the skin. Sleep as much as you can in the run-up. No matter how many magic eye potions and masks you use, lack of sleep always shows! If you wake up with puffy eyes on the day, pop eye masks on, or simply hold a couple of cold teaspoons under your eyes for a minute or two.

Posted: 16 June 2021

The sun is shining - and here's why it's making us all happier!

It's almost a universal fact that many of us just feel better when the sun is shining. Whether it's because we can forgo our winter coats, or because we love sitting in a pub garden after work and can just relax, we all seem to feel calmer when the sun in shining. Here, Health Practitioner and Skin Specialist, Tammy Richards at Pure Optical explains the science behind why the sun makes us feel happier and how it can even improve our physical health and wellbeing...

Posted: 14 June 2021