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It's showtime

It's showtime

Q. We want some fun entertainment at our upcoming wedding. Do you have any ideas?

A. Phil Colbert says: Have you ever thought about booking daytime entertainment?

Often, there's not much happening during the meal, and guests will try to make small talk, which can be a bit awkward.

I suggest you book a master of ceremonies. He or she will let everyone know what's happening throughout the day, where they need to be and if they need to do anything. On top of that, they will keep your loved ones entertained between dinner courses and ensure there are no lulls.

Especially for you

Especially for you

Q. Lots of photographers offer an engagement shoot, but we're camera shy and don't know if it's for us. What are the benefits?

A. Jo Greenfield says: ❤ An engagement shoot is the perfect way to combat any worries you may have about your wedding photos. Use the experience to practice posing and to connect with your photographer. Your chosen supplier will quickly learn what you're both comfortable with and use their expertise to make you feel relaxed.

❤ It's beneficial for you to see your photographer's editing style before the big day. Initially, you're probably going to hate your shots because it will reveal all your imperfections. I'll be the first to admit that I hated my wedding images, but once I saw the way my husband looked at me, I began to get really emotional and saw them in a whole new light. I didn't have an engagement shoot, and it's one of my biggest regrets.

❤ If your supplier offers a pre-wedding shoot as part of their package or as an extra, take them up on it. Your pictures are a big part of your day, and knowing what to expect will make the process a lot less daunting.

What's your flavour?

What's your flavour?

Q. My wife-to-be and I love strong flavours and want something unusual for our cake. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Cheryl Shields says: ❤ If you're having a tiered creation, then choose a different flavour for each layer. This will give your guests more choice and ensure that both your favourites are included.

❤ Most couples don't want a traditional fruit cake, but I suggest you give it a try. A rich version studded with juicy dark fruits and seeped in matured brandy will create a strong flavour that's sure to appeal to most of your friends and family. You could pair this with a salted caramel, red velvet, gingerbread and cinnamon or coffee liqueur sponge.

❤ A sampling consultation is a must! It will help you to decide which flavours you want incorporated into your design.

❤ It may be worth considering what dessert you're going to be serving at your wedding breakfast. If you choose a lemon tart, for example, you wouldn't also need lemon in your bake.

Hold me close

Hold me close

Q. Our December wedding is going to be held in the late afternoon, and it'll be getting dark by the time our ceremony ends. How will this affect our photography?

A. Mark McNeill says: December is a wonderful time of year in which to tie the knot, as the trees still have autumnal leaves and the atmosphere is magical.

As a wedding and astro photographer, I use special lenses and tripods to capture low light images. If you want to wow your guests, you could even arrange a firework display – that will look fabulous in your pictures.