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An al fresco celebration

An al fresco celebration

Q. We're planning to have an outdoor wedding, but I'm not sure where to start. We travel a lot for work and are worried we won't have time to cover everything. Do you have any ideas?

A. Annabel Candler says: An outdoor wedding can be glorious, but make sure you take the following tips into consideration.

❤ Be prepared for wind, rain, heat and sunshine.

❤ Check if your guests will have easy access to parking, toilets and refreshments.

❤ Visit your chosen venue at the time of year you're getting married. This will allow you to see what the views, flowers, smells and temperature will be like.

❤ Look into who can perform outdoor ceremonies and whether there are any restrictions.

❤ Consider how your chosen space will work in terms of seating and shelter.

❤ Pick a catering business that has a great reputation. Check whether they have any requirements, such as water, power and shelter.

❤ It's awful to think that something bad might happen on your big day, but it's a good idea to be prepared. Ensure you have someone trained in first aid on-site and that you can get phone signal.

❤ A planner will act as a coordinator and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Snap away

Snap away

Q. We want lovely photographs, but we're limited by our budget. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Christina Davies says: ❤ Sit down and go over your budget. Work out a maximum price you can afford and research local suppliers.

❤ Don't go for the cheapest or most expensive option; look for someone you like, and make sure you meet them in person before booking.

❤ If you find a supplier that you love but can't afford their services, ask them if they can create a bespoke package that covers the most important parts of your day.

Capture that

Capture that

Q. We're getting married soon, and I'm worried that I won't be able to look natural in the photographs. What should I do?

A. Jo Greenfield says: Try to be natural with one another and forget your photographer is there. Brides, in particular, are often self-conscious when they have their photos taken and are quick to judge their appearance. Remember these photographs are for you and your family. Your loved ones will want to see you looking happy – this means double chins, wrinkles and silly expressions are perfectly OK. Try to capture your emotions rather than focusing on your flaws.

Be aware of your chosen supplier's style, as heavy editing can affect the finished product.

Picture perfect

Picture perfect

Q. We're clueless when it comes to photography. Is there a list of shots we should ask our photographer to capture?

A. Kellianne Newiss says: ❤ I love the getting-ready shots; it's the calm before the storm, and all the girls are together enjoying themselves.

❤ The first look with the bride's dad or bridesmaids is a beautiful moment.

❤ Guests throwing confetti is always fun and full of laughter.

❤ The first kiss and walking down the aisle as husband and wife are both important moments.

❤ A group snap is a great way of making sure the whole wedding party is photographed.

❤ Couple pictures are essential.

❤ The speeches reveal fantastic emotions, from tears to laughter.

❤ Taking photographs at sunset isn't always possible, but if you have a few minutes, I'd definitely recommend it.

❤ Make sure your chosen supplier captures your first dance.

Planned to perfection

Planned to perfection

Q. I need inspiration for my wedding. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Becky Rothwell says: Think about your likes and dislikes and decide on one concept, whether that be a colour, venue or theme that you both love. Once you've made a decision, the rest will easily follow. Inspiration is like an avalanche once you get going.

Look at magazines, Instagram and Pinterest and visit wedding fairs to help inspire you. Alternatively, look at subscription boxes that are designed to bring ideas, gifts and full-size products to you.